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If you are a newbie at the gym, you are definitely familiar with how it feels to be intimidated by the new environment.

It’s ok. It’s completely normal. We want to help out your transition into the gym life so we got you covered with 5 fundamental tips. Let’s get started.


The number one reason why people get lost in any endeavor is because they have no plan. They have no idea how they are going to accomplish something. That’s why new people often freak out. They get scared. We don’t want that for you. So you will need a plan. There are plenty of options out there but one of the most recommended is the 5×5 starting strength program. That’s as good as a starting point for any individual out there.


So why do people get scared of heavy weight? Because they think they are going to get hurt. That is completely true for two reasons. You don’t know what your strength level is at yet and you haven’t practiced the movement. You may think this sounds ridiculous but Bruce Lee said it best “I don’t fear the man that has practiced a 1000 kicks but practiced 1 kick a thousand times.” You need to learn how to perform these movements in order to gain the full effectiveness. Practice the movements you are going to be doing for at least a month and then get serious on this.


Most people who start going to the gym, quit within a month. Most do not stick to it. That is a fatal flaw and it should not be allowed. How do you stop this? Well, since you are going to be practicing form for the most part, you won’t be as sore. So that won’t discourage you away. What do you do now? You have to set a time and stick to it. Whatever time works with your schedule, commit to it.


The beginning stages of gym life are so crucial as this will often determine whether or not you stick to it or not. You need to be able to stick to this plan. So you need to set yourself up for success. These things sound minor but if you are missing two or three hours of sleep a night, you are missing fourteen to twenty-one hours of prime recovery time! The best recovery comes during your sleep so don’t miss it!


This is one of the hardest parts. Many people get injured through what is called ego lifting. You lift weight for your ego and not your body. This means that you will hurt yourself and it won’t be pretty. Those three months you could have spent working on your body is now spent in recovery as you pulled or teared something. This doesn’t give you an excuse to lift light but instead to keep respect for the iron.


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