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Muscle building can seem far more intimidating to newcomers than perhaps any other fitness regimen. You can calm your fears and increase your confidence by following a few basic guidelines on how to gain muscle.

How to Build the Muscle You’ve Always Wanted

If you want to increase your muscle mass, you can get started by using some tried-and-true techniques.

1. To Build Muscle Use Progressively Heavier Weights

Force your muscles to lift bigger and bigger loads. However, the pounds should increase gradually.

Too much weight can lead to injury, which would set back your program. Be patient.

2. To Build Muscle Concentrate on Groups of Muscles

groups of muscles
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Exercises such as squats are excellent because they engage a wide-ranging set of muscles. It’s easier to develop a balanced overall muscular appearance when you get your muscles working in tandem.

3. To Build Muscle Don’t Make the Mistake of Overtraining

The first day is the most challenging day to stay in control. You’re pumped, and you want to go, go go.

But overdoing it can erase much of your hard work. Your body will go into a form of crisis mode where it won’t be able to participate in your usual workout.

Everyone has his limits.

4. To Build Muscle Vary Your Exercises

Don’t let your body get too familiar with a workout routine. If it does, you won’t receive the results that you want. So, rotate your exercises from time to time to keep things fresh.

5. To Build Muscles Eat After Your Workout

Feed your body after a demanding workout. You might choose to use the nutrient-rich post-workout drinks sold in health food stores.

6. To Build Muscle Eat Your Share of Protein

You don’t want to overdo the protein but aim to consume 0.8 – 1.0 gram of protein for each pound that you weigh.

Protein plays a crucial role in building muscle.

You can supplement the protein you get from animals and plants with protein powders that you can use to make a quick and convenient shake.

7. To Build Muscle Eat Small Meals Throughout the Day

You want to keep your body supplied with food so that it doesn’t begin consuming itself. That’s great for weight loss but not for gaining muscle because a starving body will begin burning its muscle for survival.

8. To Build Muscle Eat Complex Carbohydrates

You can prevent your body from needlessly burning precious muscle by supplying it with a steady reserve of beneficial carbohydrates.

A meal such as quinoa or brown rice mixed with vegetables will keep your body humming.

9. To Build Muscle Don’t Skip the Fat

Yes, you need fat. Of course, that’s the healthy kind of fat. In other words, eat nuts, not doughnuts.

10. To Build Muscle Be Sure to Get the Proper Rest

The days in between your workouts are critically important. Those are the days that your muscles are in recovery mode. It’s also the time when they grow.

So don’t interfere with the natural process. If it’s supposed to be your day off, take the day off.

11. To Build Muscle Go to Sleep

go to sleep
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Not only do you need rest on your non-workout days, but you also need quality sleep each night. Sleep is often one of the primary components of good health that people overlook.

Sleep allows your body to recover from the physical demands of the day. If you want to build muscle, you have to learn to say goodnight.

12. To Build Muscle Don’t Give Up

The trick with any fitness regimen is to stay motivated after the initial excitement has worn off.

There will be times when you may question whether it’s worth continuing. Those are the times when it would be beneficial to have a handy list of the reasons that you’ve chosen to build muscle. Reviewing your list can help you renew your commitment to muscle growth.

What Sort of Results Can You Expect From Muscle Building?

We all are to some degree shaped by our genes. Therefore, you can expect that various people will see differing results from their weight training.

For example, some body types have a genetic predisposition toward developing large muscles while another type may develop a leaner musculature.

However, regardless of your body type, weight training can make you stronger and healthier.

Will Women Have the Same Muscle Growth as Men?

Once again, genetics play a key role.

Women can develop incredible strength through weight training, but their naturally lower level of testosterone will prevent them from becoming bulky as some men choose to do.

Women tend to build strong, lean muscles.


Are You Ready to Build Some Muscles?

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to have the imposing physique of the Incredible Hulk or the graceful look of Spider-Man.

Increasing your muscle mass can make you feel positive about yourself and your ability to tackle whatever life sends your way.


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