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[ad type=”msquare”]With more and more people these days looking to make better, healthier choices when it comes to what they eat, it is truly tough when it comes to navigating all of the food options. There are so many foods in the stores these days that are either being marketed as healthy or good for you.

Unfortunately, not all is as it may seem when it comes to healthy foods and making the right choices. Just because the label says “low” or “reduced” fat, or even multi-grain does not mean that it is healthier than any other type of food.

10 Foods That Are Not as Healthy as They Seem

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Processed Veggie Patties – Many people are looking to reduce the amount of red meat that they consume in their diet and one way that this is being done is to replace beef burger patties with veggie burger patties. While this is good idea, many of the brands on the market load their patties up with fillers and other texture enhancers. A good rule of thumb to follow is when you look at the list of ingredients look for actual veggies to be list at the top of the list.

Processed Turkey Slices – While turkey is naturally lower in fat than most any other deli meats, you need to be very careful about the hidden danger of the sodium. Most processed meats are very high in sodium and that can be very harmful to the heart. If at all possible, look for packages that say “low sodium” or contains less than 350 mg of sodium per 2 ounce serving.

Energy Bars – Today’s energy bars you will find in the stores contain more sugar than some candy bars. You need to be very careful and read the label next time you pick up an energy bar, be sure that you select one that has less than 200 calories per serving and less than 20 grams of sugar. Another good rule of thumb is to select those bars with the fewest number of ingredients listed.

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Bran Muffins – Don’t let the bran fool you and think that the muffin on the plate is healthy. The truth is, all of the other things that go into making a bran muffin (sugar and bleached flour) outweighs the benefit of the bran. At the end of the day, you would actually consume less calories eating a glazed donut instead of the average sized bran muffin.

Multi-grain Breads – Not all breads are created equal and just because the packaging says multi-grain does not automatically mean it is healthy. The key is to look for whole grain, most processed flour lacks much of the fiber found in whole flour. This lower amount of fiber can lead to high spikes in blood sugar and other conditions that aren’t good. Always look for “whole grain” in the ingredient list.

Instant Flavored Oatmeal Cereals – While oatmeal in itself is a great whole grain food and very healthy, but the majority of the packets of flavored instant oatmeal contains too much sugar and sodium. You can add fresh fruits and a touch of honey to plain oatmeal is necessary.

Low or Reduced-fat Peanut Butter – While it is commonly thought that too much fat is a bad thing, however, this is not necessarily true when it comes to fat from nuts. The fats contained in peanuts are actually very beneficial and reducing that fat can actually be less healthy, so, just eat peanut butter in moderation.

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Rice Cake or Crackers – These light snacks are often considered perfect choice for low calorie snacking. However, they lack fiber and are packed with dense carbs which can increase inflammation in the gut. Stick with carbs from potatoes which are far less carb dense.

Trail Mix – At first look trail mix is packed with all kinds of healthy choices, unfortunately, most commercially made trail mix is filled with sugars and sodium to improve taste. Stick with single ingredient snacks will help to avoid the unhealthy extras.

Banana Chips – Don’t let the banana in this snack fool you, as soon as you realize that these snacks are deep fried, the calories added to each piece will counteract any nutritional benefit. It is much more beneficial to slice up a medium sized banana when you want a snack.

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