Snap Fitness is a large nationwide fitness centre chain, which offers top range equipment in strength, cardio and free weights. With its gyms being open 24 hours and staffed with knowledgeable fitness trainers, a membership gives you so much value for money.  Snap Fitness prices are based on giving you exactly what you want, which is why there are so many different types of memberships available, meaning you find the perfect one that suits your needs. Browse the tables below to get a great idea of Snap Fitness Prices and membership costs


1) Global Access Card
2) Account
3) One free coaching session.
Month to Month$34.95
6 Months Prepay
(1 month Free)
12 Months Prepay
(2 months Free)
-2 person-

1) Global Access Card
2) Account
3) One free coaching session.
Month to Month$59.95
6 Month Prepay
12 Month Prepay$599.50
*for max of 4 Individuals

1) Global Access Card
2) Account
3) One free coaching session.
Month to Month$74.95
6 Month Prepay$374.75
12 Month Prepay$749.50

Snap Fitness Membership Costs

With various memberships, you can be sure to find something that will be perfect for you. All memberships come with a free coaching session, along with a global access card and a account. All of these are aimed at making your healthy lifestyle that much easier to achieve.

Individual Membership

For those looking for an individual membership, Snap Fitness prices are more than affordable, and with all the top quality equipment and friendly, helpful staff found at every fitness centre, it’s very much a worthwhile investment. This option comes with a onetime fee of $59

Paying monthly will cost $34.95 for a membership and is great for flexibility. However making a longer term commitment will be rewarded, with Snap fitness membership costs being reduced the longer your membership is. Paying 6 months in advance will cost $174.75 with meaning one month is totally free. In a similar offer, a 12 month prepaid membership costs $349.50, working out at two months membership for free.

Dual Membership

Dual memberships are a great way for those looking to take advantage of Snap fitness’s amazing prices, as even more can be saved when two people sign up for a membership. Two people with a dual membership will save more money than two people with individual memberships, so if you have a friend, partner or family member who is looking to get fit, this is the option for you.

Month to month memberships cost $59.95; with a 6 month prepay option costing $299.75 and a full 12 month prepaid membership costing $599.50. All of these options will come with a onetime fee of $79.

Family Membership

Snap Fitness prices can get even cheaper; those who sign up four people to the family membership can expect more savings to be had. The onetime fee for this option will cost $99, and includes the global access card, account and a free coaching session – you may have to negotiate who gets to use what mind you!

The monthly cost of this membership is only $74.95, and of course the standard 6 month and 12 month prepayment options stand too, costing $374.75 and$749.50 respectively. Considering this is between 4 people, you can save a lot more money taking this option if you have family members or friends looking to join Snap fitness.

Fitness Membership Prices