LA Fitness is one of the premier health and fitness clubs found in North America. Creating a distinct brand offering a variety of unique services, LA Fitness continues to grow in popularity. Some of the amenities on offer can be seen as one of the many appealing factors for this health club franchise, with some of top exercise equipment and countless services, there is something for everyone from seasoned gym goers to total novices. The La Fitness guest pass is an ideal way of seeing first hand just what makes it one of more popular franchises on the market.


The equipment found is state of the art, ranging from cardio and free weights to strength and conditioning. For those looking to unwind and relax after a hard workout, LA Fitness Is home to indoor heated pools, spas and saunas, making recovery even easier. For sports fans, racquet and basketball courts are also present to offer something a little different than most gyms – they even organise tournaments and leagues!

Group classes are one for the more popular factors behind LA Fitness’s success. With so many different classes on offer, from aerobics to Zumba and everything in between there truly is so much you can do to get fit. A lot of these classes come at no extra charge, offering true value for money.

Better still, La Fitness even has services to help you integrate to a healthier lifestyle with greater ease. Having children can hinder anyone’s chances of going for a workout, especially on a regular basis. Kids Klub is a day care service that can be sued by all members who don’t have the opportunity to find are for their child for a few hours. Most centres also have a top of the line juice bar, meaning you can get nutritional drinks on site right after or before your workout.

Modern technology is being integrated with a healthy lifestyle more than ever, and LA Fitness is at the forefront of this. With their mobile application, you can do even more organising with an LA Fitness Membership. It can double as your membership card, you can organise your favourite classes better with notification about times and classes, along with what centre they are taking place.

The app even allows you to monitor your progress, as it can show check in times, showing how long you were working out for. General management of your membership is made simpler by this as you can review receipts and check for classes across the various LA Fitness centres to find exactly what you want. For those competitive types looking to join a basketball league or racquet ball competitions can find these with the app too. Overall this allows a much more encompassing service that is easy achieved thrpigh the simple to use mobile app. You can even add friends and family you your VIP list, meaning they can enjoy a complimentary guest pass for two weeks!


LA Fitness Free Pass

There are many reasons for someone to take advantage of the LA Fitness guest pass. They are a great way to get a taste for just what is on offer at LA Fitness, as a 3 day trial lets you try out the various equipment and services available. While most assume that this is aimed towards beginners, even veteran fitness fans can take the offer up.

There are actually several ways to gain this free pass, and one of the more unique offerings is by visiting your nearest LA Fitness centre for a free tour. Now make sure you bring along some photo ID such as a driver’s license, as you will need it to sign up for the LA Fitness free trial. The free tour is the perfect way for people to see first-hand just how all of the services and amenities available at LA Fitness work.

The tour is extensive too, as they will take you through each area of the centre, what each is for and how it can be used to help improve your health. They also give an in depth description of what the group classes entail, which is a great way to find out if anything there is appealing or suitable. A tour of the gym will also let you see how the equipment works and how it should be used. For beginners, this is a really great aspect of trialling a gym, as you never know what you make of all of the services available, so to have a direct rundown of how everything works is a really great idea. At the end of this tour you and sign up for the LA Fitness guest pass, so you can test out the services yourself.

For those who just want to take advantage of the 3 day trial provided with the LA fitness free pass can take a visit to their website, where you can apply just as easily. This is great option for anyone who is unsure of any nearby centres to their location, as they can find the closest one to you and provide a free pass for that centre.

Upon entering your zip code the website will redirect you to the contact details for your nearest location. After selecting your closest or most suitable club, it’s a case of just filling out the online form. Provide your name, address and email then all you need to do it to wait to be emailed your free La Fitness guest pass, which offers 3 days access to your local centre. Just print this out and display it at corresponding club, who will set up your free trial, you will need photo ID for this too!

Those looking for something extra from their health and fitness club can be sure to find plenty here. Taking the La fitness free pass is a great way to find out just how much you could be gaining from a membership, and if it turn out it’s not for you, at least you haven’t spent a penny!

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